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Winter Tour 2015, Midwinter 3, and more

Starting on January 3rd, I’ll be driving an outrageously indirect path from Vermont to Oregon, where I’ll be based all spring. Here’s where you can catch me along that route:

1/3 BURLINGTON, VERMONT: Radio Bean, 8pm
1/4 PORTLAND, MAINE: One Longfellow Square (co-bill with Max Garcia Conover, 7pm)
1/8 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: Little Lights, 8pm
1/9 CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE: [private event]
1/11 ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Poem88, 8pm
1/12 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS: TBA (with Dane Aaron)
1/13 DALLAS, TEXAS: Opening Bell, 8pm
1/15 TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA: The Branch, 8pm
1/16 BOULDER, COLORADO: House Concert
1/17 BOULDER, COLORADO: The Laughing Goat, 8pm
1/19 FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: Firecreek Coffee, 7pm
1/23 EUGENE, OREGON: The Foundry (Sam Bond’s), 6pm
1/24 PORTLAND, OREGON: House Concert

Finally, here’s some new music. Every winter, I record a small handful of seasonally-themed songs and add them to a growing collection called Midwinter. I just released the 3rd volume, and you can hear some selections and download all eighteen songs here. There are five new songs this year, and they’re recorded entirely on piano and keyboard for a change, instead of being full of banjos and trombones like in the past. I’m very happy with how the whole collection is sounding, and I hope you’ll like it too:

Happy end-of-year, everybody. See you in 2015.

Feature in Sound of Boston

“I’m a very obsessive listener,” he said. “I’ll get obsessed with a sound, and most of the songs that I write will come from me trying to replicate something. So I guess any technical skill has come from a sort of desperate need to make that happen.”

Read Sound of Boston’s great new profile of Ben here.


Happy fall, everybody. This is my favorite season, and I’m thrilled to be able to spend so much of it in northern New England this year. I’ll be headquartered in Vermont for much of the late fall, but there are also several shows around the northeast scheduled between now and December, which I’ll encourage you all to attend:

10/3 CAMBRIDGE, MA: Cambridge Queens Head, 5:30pm
10/10 CAMBRIDGE, MA: Toad, 10pm (with 90-Mile Portage)
10/16 STOCKHOLM, ME: Eureka Hall, 7pm
10/17 BURLINGTON, VT: Radio Bean, 8pm
10/18 MONTPELIER, VT: Montpelier Arts Festival, time TBA
10/20 PORTSMOUTH, NH: The Red Door, 9pm
10/24 MILFORD, NH: Clarks, 7pm
10/25 PLAINFIELD, VT: WGDR Studios, time TBA
10/30 MORRISVILLE, VT: The Bee’s Knees, 7:30pm
11/16 MONTPELIER, VT: The Skinny Pancake, 6pm (with 90-Mile Portage)
11/22 FITZWILLIAM, NH: Fitzwilliam Inn, 7pm
11/23 SOMERVILLE, MA: The Burren, 8pm (with 90-Mile Portage)
12/6 PORTLAND, ME: Blue, 6pm
12/7 CAMBRIDGE, MA: Lilypad, 8pm
12/8 BROOKLYN, NY: Pete’s Candy Store, 10pm
12/10 NEW HAVEN, CT: [house concert]
12/11 SALEM, MA: Gulu Gulu Cafe, 8pm (with 90-Mile Portage)
12/13 MANCHESTER, MA: Manchester by the Book, 7pm
12/19 PORTSMOUTH, NH: The Red Door, 9pm

A few of those will be really fun – I’m especially excited to return to Blue and Lilypad in December. Watch this space for additions to that list, and for announcements concerning a big pile of shows coming this January in the south, the Rockies, the southwest, and the west coast. And in other news, Field Studies is now up on Pandora, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

Hope you’re all well. Enjoy the weather. Talk soon.