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So as some of you know, I’ve recently had the chance to try a little film scoring, and have had tons of fun in the process. Two of the results are being shown tonight at 7:30 in Harvard’s Carpenter Center Lecture Hall: Do Rivers (pictured) by David Rice, and Fortunes by Tiffanie Hsu are among a set of roughly 2 dozen short films being screened tonight, and though the event is ticketed, admission is free.

I had a blast scoring each of these films, and am deeply grateful to both directors for asking me to help. The whole process is crazy to watch and even crazier to be a part of. I hope I’ll get to do a lot more of this in the future, but these first experiences with it were awesome ones.

In other news, Empty Rooms has finally made it onto iTunes. Check it out, write a review, tell all your friends!

Click here to open Empty Rooms in iTunes

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