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“88 Notes”

Chris Spencer, a talented photographer and videographer over at Middlebury College, recently invited me over to the campus to make this short film in which I play a few songs on a really nice piano and stammer some rambling responses to basic questions in between. We hope you like it:

Speaking of Vermont, here’s a nice new write-up about Salt in County Tracks, a local music blog up there. You can stream that album here and order it here. And there’s a small handful of performances in northern New England coming up to round out the year; details for all of those are here.

I just got back from a quick swing down south, which looked variously like this, this, and this. I’m immensely pleased to report that while I was down there I finally played a gig in South Carolina, meaning that Delaware and Hawaii are now the only states that I still haven’t performed in. So if you live in Honolulu or Dover and want me to play in your backyard, please let me know — I’ll cancel all my plans and get there right away.

Oh, and finally, I’m very flattered to have been nominated for an award over at Red Line Roots this month, and would appreciate your vote if you’ve got a second! The other nominees in my category include a few of the most frighteningly talented musicians I know, but please don’t let that affect your position.

Thanks, everyone; I hope you’re all well.

Midwinter, Volume Two

Hope you’re all enjoying the winter. I’ve taken a break from mastering the new album (Field Studies, which you all successfully funded via Kickstarter, will be available early next year) to work up some new seasonal tunes for the second volume of Midwinter, a series of EPs I’m adding to each year.

As of this morning, the 13 songs from volumes one and two are available for your streaming, downloading, and purchasing pleasure here.

Enjoy the new music, today’s snow, and winter in general! And keep an eye on my performances page: I’ve got a few stops in Vermont in the coming weeks, and then I’m heading south — very south — in January before I come home to release the new album. Hope to see you somewhere out there.

Autumn Things

Hope all is well, everyone. I’m currently in the midst of a fall tour with Saint Anyway that’s conveniently taking us through precisely the parts of New England that one might want to visit the most in mid-October. We’re right at that perfect time of the season where everything’s starting to look like this:


The fall has been busy in all sorts of unusual ways. For one thing I gave a talk at Harvard last week, which went much less disastrously than expected. I’ve been playing a lot, primarily around New England (though you’ll notice a few exceptional shows in Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the like at the end of this month), both solo and in some really fun collaborations. I had the privilege of working with a spoken-word artist and some 100-year-old landscape photos on glass slides in a presentation at the RISD Museum last month, and have been performing with 90 Mile Portage, a joint project I’m undertaking with singer-songwriter Jamie Kallestad. These shows tend to be a cool mixture of his music and mine, along with some things we’ve worked up together. As you’ll see on the performances page, we’ll be playing several of them together in MA, VT, and ME in the coming weeks.

Primarily through, I’ve been doing a lot of recording. There will almost certainly be a new follow-up to Yankee Division available next year, and maybe even a small batch of other new material much sooner than that. Watch this space for details.

In the meantime though, come to a concert! I’m playing a lot between now and the end of the year, and I hope you can make it out to one of these shows. For starters, you can catch SA this week in Brattleboro, Turner’s Falls, Great Barrington, Burlington, Montpelier, or Cambridge.