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New Shirts Available

I’m proud to report that there’s now one more way for you to synchronize your wardrobe with your musical taste. For an attractively low price, you can proudly advertise your support of my music and live at the height of fashion at the same time:

Check it out in the store!

Thanks, by the way, to everyone who came out to the concerts in Cambridge, Brattleboro, and NYC earlier this month. Playing in New Hampshire and New York later this week. Hope to see you there!

New Site and Winter Tour

Happy 2012, and welcome to the new, sleeker, and more colorful Zach Arnold, who originally designed the site, has been toiling for weeks to figure out ways to make these pages better, and I’m very pleased at the results: everything is tan! There’s an accordion! There’s a store! There’s a ghostly forest at the top of the site! The performance page is easier to navigate! There is a mailing list which I encourage you to join!

For those who don’t remember the old version, this place used to look like a tundra:

Good job, Zach.

Some other good news: yesterday I played the first show of this winter’s northeastern mini-tour, which is sending me through several cool places in NYC, Boston, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and more. For details, click on that accordion I mentioned, and please swing by for a show if it looks like I’ll coming through your city.

Thanks for all your company and support in 2011, everybody.
Happy New Year, and hope to see many of you soon.

Anyway Anywhere

Recently I’ve had the great privilege of joining up with Saint Anyway again, and have played keyboards on a few dates in Vermont with them this past week. Tonight we start moving into the urban part of their tour, with a show tonight at Toad in Cambridge, followed by two shows in NYC this weekend and a mad dash westward involving shows in Pennsylvania, Chicago, and Milwaukee early next week. Come out to one of these performances if you can!

They’re also poised to release their new album, Here on the Ground, to which I contributed piano, organ, accordion, and various brass things. The record sounds great, and they’re planning to have it out around Thanksgiving. In the meantime though, check out this track they’ve put out in anticipation of the release. The ending features what I now acknowledge to be an oddly mariachi-flavored trumpet part for a bluegrass song.