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2014 Summer Tour Dates

Here are this summer’s tour dates! I’ve just flushed my car’s transmission, cleaned its fuel injection system, replaced four tires, a rear wiper, and several spark plugs, and changed the oil, and now I need to go on tour just to make back the mountain of money I just spent trying to prevent this thing from breaking down somewhere in Idaho.

I’m really excited for this tour — it’ll be bringing me to lots of favorite, familiar spots, but also to others that are a little farther afield… like this or this.

6/6: MONTPELIER, VT – Gallery Six, 4:00pm
6/7: STOCKHOLM, ME – Eureka Hall, 6:30pm
6/8: MONTREAL, QC – [house concert]
6/11: CHICAGO, IL – [house concert]
6/12: MADISON, WI – Crescendo(TICKETS HERE)
6/13-6/15: a few long-awaited shows with Saint Anyway
6/16: MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Acadia, 8:00pm
6/17: ABERDEEN, SD – The Red Rooster (with 90-Mile Portage, an ongoing collaboration between me and singer/songwriter Jamie Kallestad), 6:30pm
6/19: BOULDER, CO – Trident Booksellers and Cafe (with 90MP), 7:00pm
6/20: DENVER, CO – Park House (with 90MP), 8:00pm
6/21: ALAMOSA, CO – Milagros (with 90MP), 3:00pm
6/21: CREEDE, CO – Tommyknockers (with 90MP), 9:00pm
6/23: TAOS, NM – Historic Taos Inn, 4:00pm
6/24: FLAGSTAFF, AZ – Firecreek Coffee, 8:00pm
6/26: LOS ANGELES, CA – Room 5, 7:00pm (TICKETS HERE)
7/1: SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Hotel Utah, 8:00pm (TICKETS HERE)
7/2: EUGENE, OR – sam bond’s garage, 9:00pm
7/3: OLYMPIA, WA – [house concert]
7/5: BOISE, ID – EDGE Brewing Co., 8:30pm
7/6: OGDEN, UT – Grounds for Coffee, 4:00pm
7/8: MOOSE, WY – [house concert]
7/10: BUTTE, MT – Venus Rising, 6:30pm
7/11: BISMARCK, ND – Laughing Sun, 8:00pm
7/16: TREMPEALEAU, WI – The Historic Trempealeau Hotel, 7:00pm
Late July-early Aug – Artist Residency, Isle Royale National Park
8/13: LEXINGTON, KY – Wines on Vine, 8:00pm
8/14: NASHVILLE, TN – [house concert]
8/16: HUNTINGTON, WV – The Black Sheep, 8:00pm

More shows to come. See you out there!

Live Webshow and Tour Announcement

Next Tuesday, May 27th, at 8:00pm EDT, I will be doing a live show that you can watch from your computer via Concert Window, a very cool site that some friends of mine started a couple years ago. The show will be part of Boston Acoustic Takeover, a series CW is running at the end of the month featuring webshows by all kinds of Boston-based musicians.

Anyway, on May 27th, no matter where you are in the world, you can tune in! I’ll be taking requests and answering your questions. I may even have a special guest or two. And I’ll be doing the show from my living room, meaning that it may be your last chance to (virtually) join me inside the awesome apartment I’ve been enjoying for the last two years: I’ll finally have to relinquish this place when my artist residency here finishes at the end of the month.

You can purchase online tickets for the show on a pay-what-you-want basis (ie. if you want to pay $0.01 that’s allowed, if somewhat uncool) starting now at The webshow will not be recorded – it’s offered in real time. I hope you can join me!

Shortly after the Concert Window show, I’ll be filling my car with copies of Field Studies and setting off on a big summer tour through VT, ME, QC, WI, MN, ND, SD, MT, WY, CO, AZ, NM, WA, OR, CA, and other thrilling places. Here are the stops on that tour through mid-August (and stay tuned to the performances page for details, as more information and new shows are still trickling in as we speak).

Hope to see you somewhere out there in America this summer, and on my computer screen next Tuesday night.

Thanks again, everybody. See you soon. I’m playing tonight in Portsmouth at the great Red Door, if you happen to be up that way!



I’ve been spending much of this spring producing an album for Max García Conover, a singer-songwriter based in Portland, Maine who writes some of the most affecting and beautiful folk music you’ll find out there. His new record will be called Ellery, and we’re finally getting into the last stages of arranging, orchestrating, and polishing this thing. It is starting to sound fantastic.

Max is raising money to fund the record’s production (that’s me), mixing, mastering, replication, and all the other stuff that requires a bunch of funding. His campaign is doing really well so far, but he could probably use your help. Check out his campaign video below if you need to be further inspired to contribute (which you can do at his site).

Max is also doing a thing where he’s releasing weekly video demos of the songs that will eventually appear on Ellery. Here’s a video of the two of us up in Maine playing “Kill the Brink Man,” one of the prettier and more mysterious tunes that will end up on the CD:

More announcements soon, and a bunch of shows coming up this summer, all over the place. Stay tuned. And don’t forget to download my new album Field Studies here if you haven’t already! A few samples are here:

Thanks, everybody. Talk to you soon,