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New Video / Preordering “Salt” / Interview at Red Line Roots

Hey everyone, four things!

1. The title track for Salt now has a video, which you can check out above. Like my last video, it was filmed and directed by my friend Max García Conover, who really is great at this kind of thing.

2. The full record’s release is just around the corner. If you haven’t yet, please know that you can preorder a digital version of the record here and/or preorder a physical copy here. When you order the digital album on Bandcamp, you’ll even get a download of the first song, “Champlain,” right away, and then the whole album on May 16th when it releases. Physical copies will be released on June 5th.

UPDATE (5/16): The album is now available to stream/download here.

3. The track list is here.

4. Finally, last week I had a great conversation with Ken Templeton at Red Line Roots about some of my thinking behind the album; you can read that here if you want to know a bit more about why and how I put this thing together the way I did. Another really nice and thoughtful review was just published by Sound of Boston as well, and that one goes into a lot of detail about the different sounds on the record.

More soon. Thanks for your support, everybody. Working on this record has meant a lot to me, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Field Studies Now Available

Field Studies, my first album in three years, is finally out there for the taking, and you can order your copy (with original artwork and everything) right here on this site or follow the links to download the digital version.

Thanks very much to everyone who helped me to make this thing, in particular to the Signet Society at Harvard, which hosted me as its Artist-in-Residence during the recording of the CD, to David Berkeley, whose beautiful and distinctive vocals make a prominent appearance late on the record, and all the others who lent instruments, time, talent, and/or moral support to this project. I’m extraordinarily proud of this music and look forward to hearing what you all think of it.

It is equally important to note that there’s also a sweet accompanying t-shirt available now as well.

Thanks again for all your support, everyone. Have at it!

New Shirts Available

I’m proud to report that there’s now one more way for you to synchronize your wardrobe with your musical taste. For an attractively low price, you can proudly advertise your support of my music and live at the height of fashion at the same time:

Check it out in the store!

Thanks, by the way, to everyone who came out to the concerts in Cambridge, Brattleboro, and NYC earlier this month. Playing in New Hampshire and New York later this week. Hope to see you there!