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October and Previous Months

It being five months since the last update to this journal, I thought it might be time to regale you with what passes for news around here. Empty Rooms has had a great first few months, and is now available on iTunes, CDBaby, in record shops all over New England, and even a few elsewhere… I drove cross-country this summer writing for a travel guide, and took the opportunity to deposit copies of the record in nearly every state I went through. Except for the South Dakota-Wyoming stretch, where you’re hard pressed to find a music store. Or a building.

In the meantime, between plugging the album (incidentally, I also have a huge pile of remarkably attractive black t-shirts emblazoned with “empty rooms” and the piano hammer graphic from the cover; let me know if you’d be interested in wearing one) and playing wherever they’ll have me play, I’ve been scoring some more- I just composed and recorded the soundtrack to a full-length film by Michael Van Devere called “Perkins 28,” which should be finished in the next month or two. And David Rice’s Do Rivers, the animated short I scored last spring, is being shown at film festivals in Northampton, MA and Madrid, Spain. Dave and I will hopefully be attending the Northampton one, but Madrid is… well, it’s on the other side of a fairly significant ocean, which poses a few logistical problems.

Hope that all is well with all of you; keep an eye on the performances page, but I promise to keep this journal more regularly updated too.

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